This is a list of the first 50 APPRECIATIONS on this website. I consider these possible drafts of future essays and/or a way to explore a topic and see what insights or stories might be lurking in the shadows. Sometimes, like when I wrote about pine cones, it was just to try and figure out why I appreciate them. What do you appreciate? Do you know why? Might be something worth writing about.

Here are 50 things that I appreciate:

  1. Appreciating Things
  2. Laughter
  3. Good Sentences
  4. On Deck Circles
  5. Scent Memories
  6. Stories or Examples Used to Illustrate a Point (?’s)
  7. Stories or Examples Used to Illustrate a Point (Answers)
  8. First Paragraph of The Last American Man
  9. First Paragraph of Moby Dick
  10. Poetry
  11. Those First Moments of Inspiration
  12. Feeling Like Quitting, But Not Quitting
  13. Reading
  14. Two Specific Paragraphs in a Discarded Library Book
  15. Hurdy Gurdy Concerts, Mucky Sand For Sale, and Savoring Specifics
  16. Kaizen NOT Karoshi
  17. Melvilles’s “Bartleby the Scrivener”
  18. Finding the Right Influence at the Right Time
  19. A Decade of Marriage
  20. Launching “Expendable Efforts”
  21. Conversation
  22. Strange Dreams About School
  23. My Son’s Storytelling Impulse
  24. New Words, New Ideas, New Punctuation
  25. Failure, Rejection, Misfires
  26. Truth Tellers
  27. Trustworthy Voices, Reasoned Opinion, Honest Commentary
  28. “The Braindead Megaphone” by George Saunders
  29. Movies
  30. Van Gogh on the Blank Canvas
  31. Jogging, Blogging
  32. Traveling Through the Dark with William Stafford
  33. Sporks
  34. Finding Caterpillars in the Forest & “The Thing About Adventures”
  35. Teenage Commentary
  36. Moments Like Those Sitcom Pregnancy Scares Where You Realize How You Really Feel About Something
  37. Pine Cones
  38. “A Day In The Life” by the Beatles
  39. Windows When Certain Jokes Work
  40. ; (the Mark, the Tattoo)
  41. Picking Up a Book Off Your Shelf That You Have Never Read (But Had For Years) And Reading It In One Sitting
  42. Breton Fisherman’s Prayer
  43. Alternatives to Reading (Input)
  44. Dropping A Mug In a River In the Morning And Finding It Downstream In the Afternoon
  45. Annotating Articles
  46. Encounters With Wild Animals
  47. Primary Sources
  48. Siblings
  49. Art as Rebalancing

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