I did it! I wrote 100 APPRECIATIONS.


  1. Appreciating Things
  2. Laughter
  3. Good Sentences
  4. On Deck Circles
  5. Scent Memories
  6. Stories or Examples Used to Illustrate a Point (?’s)
  7. Stories or Examples Used to Illustrate a Point (Answers)
  8. First Paragraph of The Last American Man
  9. First Paragraph of Moby Dick
  10. Poetry
  11. Those First Moments of Inspiration
  12. Feeling Like Quitting, But Not Quitting
  13. Reading
  14. Two Specific Paragraphs in a Discarded Library Book
  15. Hurdy Gurdy Concerts, Mucky Sand For Sale, and Savoring Specifics
  16. Kaizen NOT Karoshi
  17. Melvilles’s “Bartleby the Scrivener”
  18. Finding the Right Influence at the Right Time
  19. A Decade of Marriage
  20. Launching “Expendable Efforts”
  21. Conversation
  22. Strange Dreams About School
  23. My Son’s Storytelling Impulse
  24. New Words, New Ideas, New Punctuation
  25. Failure, Rejection, Misfires
  26. Truth Tellers
  27. Trustworthy Voices, Reasoned Opinion, Honest Commentary
  28. “The Braindead Megaphone” by George Saunders
  29. Movies
  30. Van Gogh on the Blank Canvas
  31. Jogging, Blogging
  32. Traveling Through the Dark with William Stafford
  33. Sporks
  34. Finding Caterpillars in the Forest & “The Thing About Adventures”
  35. Teenage Commentary
  36. Moments Like Those Sitcom Pregnancy Scares Where You Realize How You Really Feel About Something
  37. Pine Cones
  38. “A Day In The Life” by the Beatles
  39. Windows When Certain Jokes Work
  40. ; (the Mark, the Tattoo)
  41. Picking Up a Book Off Your Shelf That You Have Never Read (But Had For Years) And Reading It In One Sitting
  42. Breton Fisherman’s Prayer
  43. Alternatives to Reading (Input)
  44. Dropping A Mug In a River In the Morning And Finding It Downstream In the Afternoon
  45. Annotating Articles
  46. Encounters With Wild Animals
  47. Primary Sources
  48. Siblings
  49. Art as Rebalancing
  51. Stretch & Laugh
  52. A Shot In The Dark
  53. Flags
  54. Taking A Break
  55. Picking Up Where You Left Off
  56. Interviews
  57. Voting
  58. Mid-May In A High School
  59. Walter Mitty
  60. The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time
  61. Having The Lists
  62. Emotional Granularity
  63. A Sand County Almanac
  64. Chapter 3 of Hope Jahren’s Lab Girl
  65. Criticism & “The Willed Decision To Look”
  66. Holy Moments of Joy
  67. A Constantly Updated List Of Things To Appreciate
  68. On Poems & Pull-Ups
  69. First Day Of School
  70. Songs About Being Your Own Grandpa
  71. Learning New Things About Students
  72. Talking To Strangers
  73. Bruce Springsteen & Neil Young Sing “Whip My Hair”
  74. Starting Sentences With The Word And
  75. Unexpected Advantages Of Coping With A Little Mess
  76. Growth Mindset
  77. Abandoning Books
  78. Communication Heroes & Quick Lists
  79. Collective Nouns
  80. Improversation, etc.
  81. The Promise Of Puzzlement Or Fascination Pregnant In Some Sentences
  82. Things Named Doug
  83. How To Ruin Everything & Making Connections With Texts
  84. How To Ruin Everything (Pt.2)
  85. The 5 Lists In Action
  86. Ass, Badass, Badassery
  87. Found Poetry
  88.  Gun Nation Documentary
  89. Speaking Of Collective Nouns
  90. When You Get The Title First
  91.  Turning Into My Grandmother
  92.   Better Than Ezra
  93.  Act 14 of Episode 221 of This American Life
  94.  A Drawer In My Cabinet of Curiosities
  95.  Being Surrounded By A Language I Don’t Understand
  96.  Limericks Generally And The OEDILF Specifically
  97.  Helium Balloons
  98.  Wad Words (Connotation, Synonym, Antonym, Schadenfreude, Zeitgeist, Paradox)
  99.  Not Saving It For Later
  100. Getting to 100


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