Welcome. My name is Jonathan Ellingson. I am a writer, a teacher, and a catalyst. I have spent most of my adult life taking notes and writing things down. I have also taught in high schools for almost a decade now.

This site is my online home.  Like many homes, it is being designed while it is being built. It’s more of a campsite right now. My goal is to share information and resources that may be helpful and encouraging. The most recent explanation for why you would visit this site, NOW IN MANIFESTO FORM, can be read here: APPRECIATE: A MANIFESTO

My guiding principle for this website is to make what I would enjoy to see as a reader, and to get in the habit of sharing some of what I write. You can take a look at the Current Projects page and see where some of these drafts might end up.

Contact me at: jonathanoregon@gmail.com

Thanks for stopping by.




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