In my world, jogging and blogging are similar. I don’t like the words. I don’t like the lingo. I don’t like watching people do it, or hear people talk about doing it. I also started doing both of them last year.

Both activities have always been things that I felt like I SHOULD do, things that seemed like they would be good for me, things that I could be good at. But, again, things that seem annoying to hear about or witness. Have you seen my blog? Do you want to go for a jog? Ick. Ugh. Argh. Blargh. Blog.

And yet. A few months ago I had a day where I put on my pants for school and I felt too small for my britches, so that was nice. And though I haven’t told anyone about this blog, and am only peripherally thinking about it, I do feel good about starting it, and getting in the habit of getting things finished enough so I can move on. I am hoping to get some things out there that could be helpful to others.

There are many vehicles to teach you things. This week I have been trying to guide my seniors through a project designed to force them to do something and learn from the experience. For me, jogging and blogging have been two vehicles for exactly like that. They have taught me to be okay with imperfection, to remind me that liking something or enjoying it isn’t always the point. But, also, sometimes enjoyment lies somewhere after a period of, or point of discomfort.

This quote from a recent TED Talk sums it all up quite well:

Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean it’s not helping you.

– Tim Harford in “How messy problems can inspire creativity”

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