The following is a draft of a manifesto that serves as a good summary of the goal of this website right now.


PROBLEM: Many live surrounded by abundance: more food, more entertainment, more access, more resources, more opportunity than in any time in history. And yet rates of depression, discontent, and general negativity about life abound. On paper, we should be joyous and thankful. And yet. Many people do not see reality for what it is, or see the opportunities and beauty in the every day. Many are overwhelmed with darkness, and a lot of it is created by our thinking.

SOLUTION: Appreciate. One definition of appreciate says to “fully understand a situation.” Another definition focuses on recognizing and enjoying the good qualities of someone or something. We do not lack in resources, though there is some level of sharing among neighbors that is required…locally and worldwide. We have to know about things to appreciate them. We have to look at them, study them, think about them.

I do not suggest that the solution to the big problems is simply positive thinking or looking at the bright side. I am not talking about mere optimism, or hiding your head in the sand. Acknowledge reality, certainly. Learn about it, study it, interrogate, and change reality. But what we think, where our thought life spends its time, is important. We should think about things that help, think about things that are beneficial.

SO WHAT? So, train yourself to appreciate. Be thankful for what you have, not despairing over what you don’t. Slow down and notice. Follow Paul’s advice in Phil 4:8 where he outlines what to think about. What things? The true, the noble, the right, the pure, the lovely, the admirable, the excellent, the praiseworthy. Those things.  That’s what I will be doing here on this blog, on this website. I am appreciating things out loud in front of people. I will give an account of what I appreciate and why.

If we frame our focus on the beautiful and beneficial and true, you and the world may be better for it. Go, do that.

I’ll do it here:

You’re welcome to join me.

(NOTE: the following post was written in partial response to a blogging challenge that Jeff Goins suggested at

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