I have students who have pet bobcats, who love celery, who adore brushing their teeth, who like to get in car wrecks. I have students who won’t eat hot dogs, and students who will eat crickets. I have students who have two colored eyes, and students who own two goats – one that faints, and one that doesn’t. I have students who fell off their roof this morning.

I have students who could tell you how to make maple syrup, or play the saxophone, or cross the street diagonally in Denver. I have students who have been to Senegal, lived in Louisiana, and students who were born with their umbilical chord wrapped around their neck seven times.

I have students who have 10 siblings, and students who have lived in this town their whole life. I have students who are double jointed, who are on the fire department, who can speak some Welsh. I have students with three last names, students with scars on their stomachs, students who completely and utterly love Lucky Charms cereal.

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