This is the soft opening of the blog category: APPRECIATION

This category will end up being explanations of things I like and why. It is similar to what the blog was all about, or, or many other projects like this. My primary goal here is to show my writing process (see: LIST.STAR.TALK.WRITE.) and choose items from List #1  (see: post LIST #1 – Appreciate) and explain why I like them. These would be examples of expository writing.

I like stuff. Nouns, verbs. Literal, figurative. Complete sentences. I also like fragments. I’ve assigned a list like List #1 to high schoolers for years, and I still marvel at the difficulty some people have at liking or appreciating or owning up to either. How do you teach someone to appreciate something? Show them you appreciating it, or someone else. In the Author’s Note to Blue Like Jazz, Donald Miller writes that he never liked jazz music…until…he saw someone getting real into it. So I will start doing that here with the things I appreciate.



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